The Pipe and the Pulpit tells the true story of an inner city, highly educated, pastor who got caught up in alcohol and other drugs, but found hope and deliverance through a tried and proven way. This book is for the addicted and their families , especially those in the church and professionals who want and need help to overcome.

Fasten your traditional, religious seatbelt for the non- traditional deliverance ride of your life. Dr. Jordan shares with transparency death defying trials he experienced while going through active addiction and suffering from the disease  of addiction. But, he also shares Spiritual principles you can use to overcome active addiction and the magnificent joy he has of being free and in recovery since 1988.

Dr. Jordan always ends his twenty- five year Recovery Radio broadcast on 600am WCAO in Baltimore each Saturday at 7:30 a.m. with these words of encouragement .  And remember, no matter what you are going through today, there is Hope For You. Good morning.





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