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The Pipe and the Pulpit took me twenty-five years to write and get published. I had no idea the sweat and tears it would take before the final product manifested itself. There are some personal aspects that are revealed in the book that could not be told until I had a certain amount of recovery. The foundation upon which anything is built must be firm in order for it to stand. I am confident that the experiences shared will open the eyes of the reader to what can happen to addicts and alcoholics.

The main city described in the book is Baltimore, Maryland even though I traveled throughout the state and east coast before and after treatment. Being a pastor caught up in the grip of drug addiction was like walking a tight rope with Jesus on my lips but cocaine on my mind. Preaching about heaven but living in hell was no easy road to travel. But, thanks to my wife who orchestrated an intervention, my entire life became worth living again.

The book was written primarily for those who don't think you can get caught up in the spiral of drug/alcohol addiction because of your education, profession or status in the community. Those who suffer silently in the church, like I did, are also targeted with the prayer that Hope will find you.

This book is not for the timid but for the one would try almost anything for thrills and thinks she will get away. Fasten your seatbelt and ride!   



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