Addiction and Recovery



Addiction and Recovery

There are untold numbers of Americans who suffer from the disease of addiction unknowingly and Hope Alive Outreach is dedicated to educating all persons , especially families about this epidemic problem in our country.

We advocate the use of Spiritual principles found in 12 Step Programs as well as faith based organizations like the church, the temple, etc. to address this Spiritual problem. Addiction is defined as " obsessive , compulsive behavior".  We address all types of addictions, but zero in on drugs and alcohol which are killing God's people in record numbers.

Deliverance vs Recovery

Dr. Jordan believes that deliverance and recovery go hand in hand when dealing with addictions. Deliverance, according to Webster's New World Dictionary, is defined as "a setting free, rescue or release". According to the 12 Step Program called Narcotics Anonymous, the only thing that this program promises is freedom from active addiction. We are never cured because we have the option to return to active addiction if we desire. 

Whether you choose to use the term deliverance or recovery, God never takes away our freedom of choice to go back to that from which we have been rescued or set free. We call it relapse which is going back to doing that which we did for so long. But let me make this perfectly clear.

"The joy and beauty of getting free from active addiction can be achieved by anyone who desires it, except for those who are constitutionally incapable of getting honest with themselves."
We provide Spiritual counseling, referrals to treatment, detox and whatever it takes to give Hope to persons who suffer from the disease of addiction.



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